Computer and Device Repair Services

Computer and Device Repair Services

Helping Our Community with Technology

We know that when your computer, PC or laptop breaks you need a quick, stress free computer repair. Finding a repair service that is local and reliable is next to impossible. We at AshcaTek want to take the stress of unexpected computer issues off of your shoulders. Whether you use your computer for work, home or school you require it to be preforming at its best. Let our local experts help you get your computer back to its shining glory again. You have enough to worry about so Relax… We got IT!

Computer and Device Repair Services

We have all been there, you are checking your email, juggling the 20+ activities on your to do list for the day when BAM! As you are reaching for the only thing that keeps you going, your delicious cup of coffee, your laptop suddenly slides off your lap and comes crashing to the floor. Reflexes kick in but not quickly enough and the sudden jolt from watching your favorite investment (your computer of course 😉 causes you to spill burning hot coffee across your lap, ruining your day even further.

Ok… maybe we haven’t all been there but accidents do happen. We know how important your technology is to you so let our expert technicians take the extra stress. When accidents happen, call AshcaTek. We are always here to help and ill say it again. Relax… We got IT!

Computer and Device Repair Services by AshcaTek

Computer Upgrades

Computer and Device Upgrade Services by AshcaTek

It can be quite frustrating when your computer, once shiny, fast, and dependable when it was purchased new, becomes your worst part of your day.

With age, some parts become worn down, such as your hard drive. As newer programs demand more and more from your machine, that 4 or 8GB memory suddenly doesn't become enough. Perhaps you aren't aware of just how much faster and dependable your machine could be now?

Call us to schedule an evaluation of your machine. Chances are, with a new storage drive (such as a Solid State or NVMe OR M2) and more memory, you too might get back to a faster, more dependable computer experience.

Lets be honest, purchasing a new computer is a large expense, one that always manages to happen at the most inconvenient of times. On average, upgrades can be a VERY economical approach. Let our team at AshcaTek evaluate your computer and hopefully save you some money.

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