AshcaTek Build Your Company's Future

IT Management & Online Marketing Company

Small to mid-size organizations have a tough time justifying the expense of in-house IT department. Working with us as a technology partner allows these critical technology aspects impacting business productivity to remain front and center. We become an extension of your team, sitting on the same side of the table to help architect, manage and support your technology requirements quickly and efficiently, without the costs that come with maintaining a 24/7 IT team on your payroll.

AshcaTek offers an Experienced Team that will help You Demystify Information Technology.

One Mission: Help People Win with Technology

We have assembled a team of experienced specialists at AshcaTek because we found that our communities struggle with technology, even today, and at varying degrees.

Whether trying to simply use mobile devices to communicate with family and friends, using tech to get through school, or trying to solve business problems in order to grow, we understand the issues that can ruin your experience with technology.

This is why we formed our team: to help you and yours achieve your goals through solving your tech challenges, learning new things about your tech, and protecting your tech investments from those who wishing to see you fail.

Contact us to learn how you and AshcaTek may win, together.

Much More Than Just a Technology Company

AshcaTek is dedicated to provide affordable services in the areas of IT Management and Online Marketing and to provide top-notch customer service to all our clients. With AshcaTek you will have personal contacts that will help and guide you in your efforts to grow your business. When needed; you will be able to pull on the total power of our experienced team.

AshcaTek has over the years developed affordable payment plans that are geared towards small- to medium-sized companies, even with limited budgets. Whether you are a startup company, a small company that needs to grow your sales or you are a medium sized company that wants to boost their exposure and revenue, AshcaTek has a plan that will fit your budget for each of our services.

All our services are packaged and affordable and you can pick and choose between our service areas to make your specific project fit your budget.